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Post  mirroredprince on Tue Jan 15, 2013 9:56 pm

Here is where we can keep an eye on all the threads on our Forum.


Rules: Here is where we keep our rules.

Role Plays

Science Fiction

Space Station: A space RP set (beginning) on an old run-down space station, where currently two characters are considering a certain heist . . . OPEN


Belong: Werewolf, 'shifter RP - OPEN

World Building

For Space Station: World-building information and planning pertaining to the Space Station RP.


Thread List: You Are Here.

Preliminary Thoughts on D&D Style RP: Just tossing out some ideas.

Spaaaaaaaace: Plans, ideas, concepts, etc. for space/SciFi based Roleplaying


Thoughts. About forum stuff

Introductions: Yup.

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