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For Space Station

Post  theaugust on Thu Jan 10, 2013 11:39 pm

Beepboop. Yup.

So, Jarek comes from Sheall, which is a moon owned by some mega corp that is strip mining for resources. He was born on an overpopulated city planet in one of the poorest districts. His parents took a contract with the mega corp when he was very young and moved the whole family to Sheall. He got off Sheall by stowing away. Hitched rides from station since while looking for a position on a ship.

So, okay, here are some other characters that I think can fit into this roleplay maybe, and please keep in mind that these are just... idk, building blocks. I'd be fine with swapping out my characters for one of your characters, working your character/s into their back story, or whatever. Hopefully that makes sense. Also, I have plot ideas for most all of these, so if any interest you, I can tell you more.

  • The Mechanics — Torun (human), Margaise (humanoid — descendant of colonists who settled on planet generations ago and then evolved to adapt to new environment), and Otrep (canid biped alien). They have a ship, an old clunker that they've heavily modified and repaired. They're also wanted in their home system. (Otrep and Margaise for treaty violations and unauthorized spaceflight, and Torun for accessory. Otrep and Margaise are old war buddies. They served together as part of a special forces squad, only mech focused instead of usual stuff, during the succession attempt of several systems. As part of treaty, they're supposed to be landlocked.) Potential for some Firefly or Cowboy Bebop-esque adventures.
  • Military Dogs — Cornix and Lysander. Could be either active service (patrolling systems, investigating strange reports, etc.) or retired and working as mercs/bounty hunters. Maybe show up as antagonists initially if the Mechanics show up first? Or whatever. Could be together or separate.

Here's some concepts I'd like to play with.

  • [b]Synthetic life (e.g. robots, androids). Had a concept inspired in part by Blade Runner and Battlestar Galactica with a bit of Ghost of the Shell. Basically, there's a race of genetically engineered and cybernetically altered people that were made to perform different job functions. Maybe for mega corp or maybe for military. The high cost of their creation and maintenance makes them effectively indentured servants for whomever holds their contract. Super cyberpunk dystopia gooooooo.

And I'll keep adding to this as ideas come.

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Re: For Space Station

Post  mirroredprince on Sun Jan 13, 2013 4:14 pm

Adding a couple of my own characters.

Bronson Mathiews - Beep Boop, does computer things. Is also an intelligence operative, either freelance or for some government.

Cadence Alec - Is a soldier/spy person.

-yesssss, synthetics, yesssss

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