Deities of Iara

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Deities of Iara

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Dalmae - God of Waters. Temple outside the Palace, near the part of the sea that is frequented by the aristocracy and the wealthy. There are smaller shrines to Dalmae in the Docks district. Domains: 

Inush - Goddess of Prosperity, main Temple in the Marketplace among the Merchant-Class homes.

Lady of the Moon - The Sisters of the Moon Convent on the edge of the docks, which takes in foundling girls. Many of the Sisters take vows of silence. the Lady of the Moon is the Goddess of women and motherhood.

Saint Maelys - patron of the dispossessed and downtrodden, defender of all good folk
lawful good deity, domains: good, healing, law, protection

Thraea - Goddess of Magic & Knowledge, Temple is part of a large complex in the Palace grounds, which houses a School of Magic.

Zaddas - God of Shadows and Secrets. This deity has no Temple on Iara, but a number of small shrines where His Priests serve.

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