NPCs of Iara

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NPCs of Iara

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Lord-Prince Merim 
Description: Human in his mid-forties. Basically Aidan Gillen as Littlefinger in appearance, but less creepy and more ineffectual. It is common knowledge that the Princess Behelin, Merim's wife, is the true ruler of Iara. It is less common knowledge that the Lord-Prince has an orcish lover, Grozda.

Lvl 6 Human Aristocrat: 
STR: 10 (0)
DEX: 10 (0)
CON: 12 (1)
WIS: 9 (-1)
INT: 11 (0)
CHA: 14 (2)
Skills: Diplomacy (+2), Ride (+0)

Princess Behelin
Description: Lovely half-elf with bronze-skin, dark red hair and green eyes. Elegant but obviously educated and can handle herself in negotiations and other matters of leadership. The Prince and Princess have no children together.

Orc society is largely gender neutral, but since Grozda has become Prince Merim's lover, they have adorned themselves in traditionally female (and human) clothing and jewelry. They are small and delicate-featured by orcish standards, which is still large and rather rough by the standards of human beauty. Grozda spends most of their time in a small private manor which belonged to Merim's mother's family, though on rare occasions they're brought into the city for secret liaisons.

Sly Alem
Halfling crime boss with his fingers in a lot of the underworld activity within Iara. Owns a couple of taverns/brothels, involved in smuggling, racketeering, illegal gambling, and drug trafficking. Among those currently in his employ are Brannick and Lily. Seriously this is just the Halfling Fantasy Version of Al Swearengen.

Nimnok Bumbrey
Gnome Bard. Moderately heard-of. Was something of an adventurer years back, in his youth. Mentor-Savior-Father Figure to Mathias Collisten.

Liron Davar
Wealthy spice merchant, respected citizen. Husband of Malina, father of Beran, Clarissa "Rissie," and Myron. His eldest son is believed to have been a sickly child, shut away from the world, and most believe he died before age ten. Only a handful of people know the truth - Beran was born demon-tainted but healthy, and ran away at the age of eight. He now goes by the name Brannick. Malina is a very powerful hostess in the upper levels of the merchant class and known to be ambitious, managing to get her daughter a position in Princes Behelin's retinue. Malina is the sister of:

Nando Gilmer
Owner of one of Iara's biggest shipping companies, which he ran with his father and now runs with his four sons and son-in-law. Wife Reanna, children: Katryel, Bikos, Jana, Tolan, Adin and Malvyn. Mother Kahra lives with them. His younger brother Varno left the shipping business to become an adventurer, returning years later to inspire Jana to become a Fighter. 
Varno has become Captain of one of Liron's ships, as has Katryel's husband Gamil.

Entertainer and prostitute in the employ of Sly Alem. Sings, dances, plays multiple instruments, . Scarcely better than a slave as her employment is non-negotiable. Works mostly at The Drowned Maid, tavern & inn, though can also be found at The Green Grotto, an actual brothel. 

Dancer, waitress and prostitute in the employ of Sly Alem. Found in The Drowned Maid.

Orc-blood bodyguard to Sly Alem.

Bartender in the Drowned Maiden. Former pirate.

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