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Post  theaugust on Fri Oct 12, 2012 10:29 pm

Okay, so... here are my space characters. In no particular order.

  • Jarek
    • trans man
    • nineteen years old
    • born on over populated city planet but family (father, mother, four brothers, and three sisters) moved to industrial/mining colony shortly after birth
    • grew up in corporate towns on gloomy moon without sun or seasons
    • separated from family after industrial accident
    • started living as a boy to survive alone and developed "a certain set of skills" (thievery, hacking, fast talking, stealthy killing, etc.)
    • can either meet on colony or after has escaped

  • Torun Aikul
    • young-ish... maybe about 21?
    • born and raised on fringe colony world (basically like a shitty rural town, only a whole planet of nothing to do or see)
    • moderately talented and not unattractive, so had ego built up a lot over lifetime (rough equivalent would be the kid who's the captain of the football team, the president of student council, the valedictorian, etc., etc. but in a small town—the proverbial big fish in a little pond)
    • trained as a mechanic with Otrep and Margaise, who took him off world on a derelict vessel that they rebuilt
    • could join another ship as a mechanic or have others join crew

  • Lysander
    • mixed (Korean, Latino, Caucasian) and pretty gay
    • twenty-eight
    • bastard love child of famous military man who abandoned his family on a far away colony and was basically a drunken asshole
    • met his half-sisters after father's death and kept in contact as well as could
    • lots of family drama, basically
    • enlisted at eighteen as means to pay for education (engineer) and then went career

...yup. Maybe I'll add more later.

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Random things

Post  mirroredprince on Sat Oct 13, 2012 11:27 am


Age approximately 20-22
I dunno I just started making things up
Possibly Middle Eastern ancestry

Shall I reply here?

-Don't really have any specifics yet,but here are some space things I would enjoy:

*Robots - I'm creating a robot character. This is what I know so far:
-Genderless and Asexual but most people default to male
-Has no name yet
-Um . . . purpose designed for? I don't know yet.

*Spaceships - both small independent ships like the Millennium Falcon or Serenity. Small scout ships like the Defiant. Small exploratory ships. Larger military and transport ships . . . ships ships ship.

*Space Stations

*Overbuilt and Overpopulated Cities.

Yeah that's it for now.

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